Ooh, irssi's activity_hide_targets

A while ago I dropped from a number of IRC channels, in a quest for a more productive work environment. The problem was that I look at my IRC window often, and if I see any windows with activity, I will go and read them.

Recently I’ve wanted to hang around in #git, because I was writing some (minor) patches and thought it’d be nice to be available there. This is a fairly active channel, and whenever there was activity, I couldn’t help go and look, knowing in advance it’d be (mostly) uninteresting for me.

So I concluded that what I really needed was to tell irssi: don’t tell me there’s activity in #git, unless somebody highlights me. And this is precisely what the activity_hide_targets option does. Just set it to a list of channels you want to ignore.

This has also allowed me to return to a couple Debian channels that I had dropped, and maybe I’ll add an extra two back.